Tyres, wheel alignment and balancing

Maximize Tyre life by having your wheel alignment checked and adjusted every year.  With expensive or specialised tyres required on many vehicles today you want to squeeze out every last Kilometer for maximum value. 

Routine wheel alignments also decreases premature wear of suspension parts.

To get the maximum life out of your tyres, the tyres should be rotated and balanced at regular intervals.

Tyre rotation is important for even tread wear and long tyre life. When performed at the recommended times, tyre rotation will ensure that your tyres wear evenly and prolongs useful tyre life. 

Tyre rotation ensures maximum tyre life by evening the different tyre wear rate from front to rear axles and preventing the front tyres wearing out before the rear tyres. This prevents you from having to buy a complete new set before all four are evenly worn out. 

Tyres should be rotated at regular intervals which can be conveniently done during routine servicing.

Tyre balancing should be done every 5000 - 7000 KM or about once a year. 

Wheel balancing decreases wear of suspension parts, shock absorbers and struts. 

Tyre balancing pays for itself in the long run.