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Windscreen Repairs & Replacements

Repair chips before they lead to windscreen replacement

If your windscreen is damaged with a chip, star, bulls-eye, crack or similar, give us a call as soon as possible and avoid contaminating the damage with dirt. 

Windscreen damage is normally caused by a stone or other projectile hitting the outside layer of the windscreen, or as a result of stress on the motor vehicle’s body caused by the twisting or similar usually in an accident.  

Did You Know?

The windscreen is a key element of the structure of the car, and it is essential to repair chips before they lead to windscreen replacement and the possible loss of the strength of your vehicle’s factory seal.

To attain optimum safety, repair a windscreen as soon as possible whenever possible. Repair not only saves the windscreen, it preserves the factory’s seal of windscreen to the vehicle’s body. Keeping the factory’s original seal also helps avoid the risk of air and water leaks. Repairing your windscreen not only saves this expense piece of equipment, but also eliminates excess waste in garbage tips.

If you are unsure if your windscreen can or cannot be repaired, it is important to Pate and Vernooy for windscreen repair advice.
When replacement is the only option, Pate and Vernooy ensures proper installation

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